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2010-8-7 01:43 PM hkbc_oldcake
Want to have the OS X loaded on a PC

Hi, just need to do more research on OS X, but I don't have the OS X and any Mac machine.  Is there anyone knows how to load the OS X on a PC and where to download the OS X 10.6?  Thanks!

2010-8-8 11:21 AM mickeyGoUp
I only know it is possible.  I have read some articles talking about it back in 2009 so I don't know how outdated it was.  I am sure there are newer updates with the newer OSX.  Let's see if benedictling knows, he is a Mac and PC users at the same time.

2010-8-8 01:54 PM hkbc_oldcake
回復 #2 mickeyGoUp 的帖子

I heard some suggest from other sites but I don't have the OS X to try and have a better way to install it properly in PC.  For sure that the new OS X is easier to install on PC because all Mac are using Intel CPU.

2010-8-9 08:23 AM mickeyGoUp
ah_cho is a mac user so maybe she has a CD?

2010-8-31 06:59 PM history9a
I hope this following link will help


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