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2008-6-27 11:21 PM fiznsf74
[CA-San Jose][Palo Alto][廣東菜] Tai Pan Chinese Cuisine

I wanna recommend this Chinese restaurant that I went for the first time last night.  I like it because ofthe ambience.  It's one of those restaurants with a fancy setting in which you would automatically think of it as Americanized Chinese food; then next thing you know, it's very very authentic!  My friend and I ordered the following and all of them were satisfying:
Chinese Broccoli with garlic sauce
[b]Chili Basil Chicken
Walnut Prawns
Seafood Soup[/b]

We paid $60 total for two people (a bit pricey, but you get what you want if you want a quiet environment which you cannot possibly get at an ordinary Chinese restaurant).  I haven't tried their dim sum yet but heard it's also quite good.  


2012-2-14 09:34 AM tuong
Thank you for sharing. I was really waiting for this to be uploaded. You are so kind.

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