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2008-6-23 11:54 AM fiznsf74
[CA-San Francisco][San Mateo][菲律賓菜] LUNETA ASIAN BISTRO

Hey guys! My friends and I just left the restaurant 20minutes ago, and I just couldn't help but to get
in here and talk about the restaurant I just went.  The name is Luneta Asian Bistro. Not your average
filipino food, this place gives you a classy feeling the moment you walk in. They put a good space
between tables, along with high ceilings.  

We ordered the "[b]mussels with San Miguel beer[/b]", and it was wonderful!  The amount of alcohol in the
mussels was just right and you wouldn't find it bitter at all.  

For entree, we tried the [b]Salpicao[/b] (Rib-eye sauteed in olive oil, garlic and special sauce) and [b]Chicken
Inasal[/b] (Visayan-vinegar marinated grilled chicken with greens and pickled-papaya). Both were delicious. The only thing I didn't like was the portion, which was rather small (American portion); but other
than that, everything else was perfect!

For dessert, try their [b]Pandan Panna Cotta[/b] (light, silky custard with sweet coco strings and mango).
My filipinos friends all loved it.

For more information, visit [b][/b]

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