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2008-4-18 03:23 AM ditch13
[NY-New York][日本菜] 博多一風堂

They opened up an Ippudo in NYC.  Pretty good.  Noodles cost around US$13 in average.  I can actually taste the difference between different flavoured noodles.  But their other dishes is not quite worth it.  Personally, I still like Ramen Santoka in Mitsuwa (NJ) better, although their "different flavours" are not as much distinguishing then Ippudo's...

(Sorry, pictures were taken by my phone, quality ain't very good...)

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They said those are real instant noodles...
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This "special pickles" dish cost US$7!  Tasted just like 蘿蔔 that comes with 潮州滷鴨...

This pork belly is really good!  But again, you get 2 pieces of the pork belly, and 4 pieces turnips, and it cost $13, if I remember correctly... The sauce mixed w/ the wasabi is pretty good thou...

2008-4-18 07:13 PM doggiekitty
It looks so good and so attractive...[attach]34806[/attach]...yummy

2008-4-30 08:08 AM nburks
very expensive!!!!

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