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2007-8-6 10:37 AM mickeyGoUp
[VA][Fairfax][多國菜] Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is a supermarket that sells mostly organic products.  Most of their stores are just regular supermarket size.  But there are a few locations which are bigger than their regular size.  The one in Fairfax is one of them.  What special about it is that there is a very nice eatery inside the store!

Below are the pictures of the different sections of the eatery.

I have only tried the middle section where you take the food and they charge you by weight.  I think the food was decent.  I suggest that you get the food that you wanna eat, pay, and eat that first, then go for round two, and pay again.  That way, the food will not sit on your tray for too long and get cold while you are getting more food.  That's my two cents.








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