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2007-8-6 10:05 AM mickeyGoUp
[MD][Rockville][多國菜] CAVA Mez•zé

This is a very unique restaurant located in Rockville, Maryland.  The food they serve are tapas (西班牙點心) but CAVA are not serving Spanish food.  All their dishes are small appetizer size and usually customers order different dishes and share.  It is good place for a group of people to sit down, share the food, drink some wine, and talk.  

The average cost per person is around USD 20, so it is quite pricey I think.  But most American restaurants charge about the same, right?  So it is not over-priced.  




Baby Lamb Chop.  Delicious!

Opa Opa Shrimp.  The shrimps were fresh and the sauce very good.  We dip the breads with the sauce.

Mussels Santorini.  Again, fresh with good sauce!

Stuffed Shrimps.  Three big shrimps stuffed with jumbo lump crab meats.  Very good dish!  The crab meats are lumpy.

Mini Souvlaki Sandwich.  Each order comes with three sandwiches.  It is just like mini gyros.

A close look of the Mini Souvlaki Sandwich.

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