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2007-8-6 09:19 AM mickeyGoUp
[VA][Alexandria][意大利菜] Generous George's Positive Pizza & Pasta Place

This is a very unique restaurant.  It environment apparently is very kid-oriented.  But there are a lot of adult parties dining there.  Prices are pretty decent.  You can check out their menu on their website.


It is not a fancy nor a high-class restaurant.  There are two levels, seperated by blue rails.

Kids would love this place.

Do think this is a pitch of coke for the whole party.  It is just a regular size of their soda!  It is a small jar (look at the straw) for one person and it is free refill.

All their pasta are served on a pizza dough.  They call it "pasta pie".

Euorpean Combo Pizza.  Pretty good!

They hired a clown to make balloons for kids.

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