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2007-8-6 08:40 AM mickeyGoUp
[MD][Rockville][多國菜] 泰山匯 - Tyson Buffet & Restaurant

It was their grand opening week when we went to Tyson Buffet.  It was a big disappointment.

Tyson Buffet Restaurant claimed to be an upscale restaurant with contemporary and elegant atmosphere, and the selection and quality of their food and dining experience separate them from the other restaurants in the Washington metropolitan areas.  

I must say that their decor is very nice, and their price is relatively low with that kind of environment.  But you know when Chinese people go to all-you-can-eat buffet, they will easily mess up a high class restaurant in short period of time.  That's ok, for that kind of price (USD 12.00), I can live with it even if the environment is not high-class, as long as their food quality is good.  But.....

Their dinner buffet starts from 4pm to 10pm.  We lined up for one hour, and at 8pm we finally got a table.  If you think that they close at 10pm, so getting in at 8pm is not too late, you are wrong!  Once we got in, our friends who arrived earlier told us to hurry and get food cuz lots of the good food were gone!  We went out to the buffet tables, a lot of trays were empty.  For some reasons, it took them forever to refill the food.  And some of the good food never showed up anymore.  

They close at 10pm, but they stopped serving food at 9:30pm!  The pictures below were taken at 9:30pm, and that's ridiculous!  My friend said: "They close at 10, and they want to leave with us."  :pn19:

If you have never been to Tyson Buffet, I would say that you can try it once and since it is not that expensive, for the experience.  It was the worst all-u-can-eat buffet I have ever had.  

[b]The above review was based on my experience on June, 2007.  They might have improved now.  If you visited the restaurant recently, please tell us about your experience.[/b]

They offered 20% off discount.  Everyone wanted to try this new restaurant.

Typical Chinese buffet food.

The oysters were so-so.  You have to line up and they give you the oysters.

[b]At 9:30pm.....[/b]






Icy ice-cream..... no comment.

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