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2007-8-6 08:23 AM mickeyGoUp
[MD][Rockville][中東菜] Skewers House Of Kababs

I don't know how they survive, cuz if you go on a week evening, the restaurant is always pretty slow.  Despite of that, I must say that they serve pretty good kababs and middle-east/indian dishes!!  I always saw indian customers dining there or ordered carry-out.  So it is not just another americanized indian restaurant.

The place is food-court style, no waiters or hostess.  You order the food and pay.  They call your number and you go get the food yourself.

Lamb kababs was very tender!  The naan bread was fresh, hot, and soft!!  

Chicken Tikka Masala tastes very good too.  I would recommend to first time customers!

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