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2007-8-6 07:58 AM mickeyGoUp
[MD][Westminster][美國菜] Baugher's Country Restaurant

That day we went to the Baugher's Orchard for cherry picking.  That Orchard was in Westminster, which is a small town in Maryland.  There are not many restaurants in that area, so we decided to go to the Baugher's Country Restaurant, which is run by the same people who own the orchard.

The food are ok.  I wouldn't say they were great, but the price and food quality was decent.  

Club Sandwiches, which was ok.  I think they did not add enough mayo though.

Burger.  As you can see, it is quite plain.  My friend said it was just ok.

A different view of the same burger.

Roast beef Sandwich.  The bread was soaked with the gravy, so it was soggy.  The roast beef was so-so.

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