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2007-8-6 07:16 AM mickeyGoUp
[MD][Gaithersburg][廣東菜] 富臨海鮮酒家 - China Jade

It is not easy to find good Cantonese food in the area.  If you are from Hong Kong and you crave for some authentic Cantonese food, China Jade is a good option.

The chef is from Hong Kong.  His wife Rachel will be around in the evening and she is very friendly .  If it is not too busy, she would go to each table and socialize with the customers.  You can trust her recommendation.  :)

梅菜扣肉 tastes very much like the one I had in Hong Kong!  Yum!!

This is a fish dish.  Sorry that I forgot the name of the dish.  It was not on the menu.  They always have some specials that are for Chinese customers.  Ask the waiters for details.

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