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2007-7-7 01:39 AM ditch13
[NY-New York][Manhattan][西式] ChikaLicious Dessert Bar

一間全菜都是甜品的店。主人兼"chef"是一位日藉女仕 (Chika)﹐還有一個拍檔 chef, (目前應該還是那位女黑人吧。) “侍應” 也是位黑人﹐像是Chika 的伴侶嘛! 甜品都是自創﹐比較像歐洲式...

都是 Prix Fixe﹐通常先來一個小點﹐然後我們可以選擇“主菜”﹐最後是不同款的像 cookie, puff, 或 mashmallow 等等。雖然全都是甜品﹐但絕不覺膩。其實量很小﹐而甜品本身也不像一般美式甜品那麼膩﹐所以每次都會覺得不夠(因太好吃了!) 但其實是夠的。小食多滋味嘛!



照片都是從他們的網站得到的﹐遲些會 upload 一些自己拍的照片。 (要找... =P)


價錢都是 $12, 13  左右一個 Prix Fixe。他們還有不同的酒。不喝酒的我極愛他們的 Lemon Tea.  他們還有 Strawberry 和 Earl Grey Tea.


2007-11-27 03:26 AM swtbabie
chiki was great..

i love chikilicious too... but there's another great japanese dessert place called sakagura [url][/url]   if u are a sake lover.. they have a whole extensive wine list... i would recommend people only go there for dessert b/c the main course was in small portion.. and it wasn't that special.. but go there to enjoy their dessert platter..  it's really nice and unique.. u might have hard time finding this restaurant .. it's hidden inside a business building...

2007-12-17 12:32 AM nburks

2008-3-19 10:28 AM doggiekitty
我好 miss New York d food ah!   
d desert 好靚 ah, 睇到口水都流出黎 la.

2008-4-19 09:58 AM doggiekitty
[quote]原帖由 [i]doggiekitty[/i] 於 2008-3-19 10:28 AM 發表 [url=][img][/img][/url]
ditch13 :
where are you now may i ask?

I moved to Vancouver, Canada years ago, but I love New York City the best.  When I was in NYC, my favorite Japanese restaurant is Blue Ribbon ( I forgot the exact location, it was in lower Manhattan, Soho??? or Village???  I really forgot).  I love their lobster sashimi very much.  Did you ever visit or hear this restaurant?  Hope they are still in business.

Most of the restaurants you introduced here are new to me and they are so attractive...Look so yummy.  If one day I have chance to visit NYC again, I definitely will try at least one of your recommendation.

請你講多d好味o既 NY Food ah, 等我望梅止渴都好呀!  Thanks in advance! [attach]34876[/attach]

2008-4-22 02:13 PM doggiekitty
I am so sorry. [attach]35026[/attach] I mixed up your posts with nburks's posts.  It is because my eyes focused on New York Food only.  

Yeah, there are lots of good restaurants in Vancouver but I could find no "New York Feel" here.  It is「情意結」problem.

I didn't try "Dynamic".  I am drooling after reading your description.  :pn27: Besides, the second best for me is the "Dragon roll" (avocado roll).

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