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2007-4-11 10:19 AM jk4301
[Flushing-NY] [蒙古菜] [蒙古菜] 小肥羊

no good:((

2007-7-30 11:50 PM blood107
Can you tell me whats not good about it?
I was planning to go this weekend

2007-8-1 01:18 AM mickeyGoUp
[quote]原帖由 [i]blood107[/i] 於 2007-7-30 11:50 AM 發表 [url=][img][/img][/url]
Can you tell me whats not good about it?
I was planning to go this weekend [/quote]

Please see my review for the 小肥羊  in Toronto


I liked it a lot.  

As far as I know, the one in NYC is not all-you-can-eat, but the soup base should be the same.  I recommend the origina soup base that have a lot of spice/herbs in it.  And I highly recommend their lamb.  Next time if I go, I would just focus on their lamb.  :)  Again, I have only been to the Toronto one.  Tell us what you think after you tried it!

2007-8-4 11:41 PM funniemovie
I like the soup base, but...

I went to the one in NY (Flushing).  The soup base is good, but the price is definitely not good at all.  You pay for the soup base and a plate of meat of your chose for about $20 and you will have to order everything else separately.  They give you so little.  I will recommend people going there once to try the soup, but will not go back because you can have a great dinner in Manhattan for the price you pay there.  :pn10:

2007-11-27 03:16 AM swtbabie
i totally agree with funniemovie

yup. the soup base was great.. but it was pretty pricey... last time when i went with my friends.. it was more than 50 dollars per person..the portion was soo tiny.. it's definitely not worth it

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